Call to Action: Senator Boxer Holds Senate Hearing on CEDAW and VAW


U.S. CALL to ACTION: Senator Boxer is holding a Senate hearing on Tuesday, June 24 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Please see the attached document (Joint NGO Statement for June 24 SFRC Hearing) to see how your NGO can engage in her efforts!

Senator Boxer will address VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) as a critical issue to approve this year and the importance of CEDAW as the tool to end violence against women.  Where CEDAW has /is being implemented, it has had a major impact on violence against women and trafficking.

This hearing won’t do it in a day, but if the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will pick up on this and hold major hearings on CEDAW and then recommend passage/ratification to the Senate, it will get it in front of the U.S. public.

This is where we come in –  if we/ Cities for CEDAW can build a movement on the ground in support from 100 US mayors the Senate will be encouraged to ratify.

Cities for CEDAW is building a U.S. Campaign for U.S. Mayors’ commitment to implementing CEDAW in their cities.  You can help us in this effort by getting your NGO or group involved!

Go Senator Boxer!